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22-Aug-2017 04:46

The original post for all Facebook statistics was getting a bit cumbersome and tough to navigate as it eclipsed 400 stats.

I tried to categorize the stats into the major areas of core Facebook (User Statistics and Demographics, Advertising and Revenue, Mobile, Business and Facebook Messenger) and dedicate a post to each.

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but I don't know if everyone sort of has the luxury I had, where it's not like my rent was due.' 'It was always like a fun atmosphere,' she recalls.

A quick listing of these Facebook pages along with links to each can be found in the sidebar of this post.

Hopefully, this new format will help you find that stat you are looking for much quicker.

I hope you find some of these tallies as interesting and amazing as I do.

My original Facebook stat post has been broken out into five separate posts to make things easier to find.

I have spent the past six years identifying every measurable aspect of Facebook, starting with how many people are on Facebook and then expanding and listing out each Facebook statistic as I find them in an organized series of posts.