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RU LLC Registrar IANA ID: 1606 Registrar Abuse Contact Email: [email protected] Abuse Contact Phone: 7.4955801111 Registry Registrant ID: Registrant ID: Registrant Name: Protection of Private Person Registrant Street: PO box 87, REG.

They're all in for battling aliens, but battling with sluts, jocks, bullies, teachers, angry principals, competitive girls, punks, and goths? On exactly eight days after his and Calhoun's uncelebrated 6-month anniversary, Felix sneaks off from a random party to spend the evening with her. Tino enjoys the comfort of a quiet library and dreaming minds when he picks up on the charming thoughts of a perfect stranger. Berwald AUTwo summers after the Zeus-Atom fight, Max and Charlie plan to bring Atom back to the boxing scene for the first time. After a tragic encounter in space, Sonic tries to carry on with his carefree life while putting the seven continents of the world back together with help from his new amnesiac friend. rated T for gore and language Chibitalia is just starting preschool. lol plz no mean reviews..is the 2nd part of a 3part story...enjoy! As they're toddlers, the rest of the team learn what it feels like to be parents. Kamikazi and Claus Von Afonzügel have joined forces to steal Robotboy and a few more of Moshimo's toys. She's a firecracker with so many secrets you could fit them all in a small house. Sometimes the Ultimate Lifeform ponders whether putting a sick hedgehog out of its misery is still considered a crime. And not just any boy,a boy that looks like a girl and that most of the guys drool over! But he soon realizes that Germany isn't quite as compliant when sick and faced with taking medicine. Gx I character death Sonic's mind is being shared with a monster who he has named 'hog'... Unfortunatley, his desires play a major role with it and he does something terrible to Chris. But when he comes across Tezz in a secret room, he asks to sleep with him.

But having not been together this way since their wedding night, Felix finds himself a little out of practice. Upon discovering AJ's pornographic career, Tezz finds himself intrigued and strangely obsessed! Has Berwald found someone that can fully understand him, even when he is silent? Everything's changed, especially life and boxing-and nothing goes as expected. He succeeds in the daytime, but when it comes to night, it's not so easy..coming to grips with that is even harder. Lives will change, brothers will be brought together and torn apart. A gift from someone special causes this stranger to be the target of the Sark, Vandals and Red Sentients. With Tommy's help, Robotboy learns more about humans, about zombies, and a little bit about how fragile they can be. After a year dating Shadow, Sonic feels that now is the time he tells Shadow of the curse placed on him after a run-in with Eggman. Tezz's story of how he survived in the Zone he was found on, as well as parts of where he begins to feel like a real teammate. How exactly will they both be able to handle their past affairs? ONESHOTQuick oneshot where Vert loses his memory after an incounter with Kalus.

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How come no one gets hurt (Like bleeding) in Sonic? XPAt a world meeting, Austria comes down with a mysterious illness and everybody finds out he won't live much longer. What happens when Krytus has showed her lies, thinking she was being decieved by the BF5? Five things Austria and Hungary shared with the world, four moments they kept to themselves, three times they said nothing, two times Hungary needed Austria, and one time Austria did something about it. Rated for foul language and extreme violence One day, Prussia is on the computer and asks for pancakes, but all he hears is coughing coming from their room.

WHY IN VIDEO GAMES, DO YOU GET ENDLESS LIVES SOMETIMES?! With Switzerland volunteering reluctantly to watch over him, will the Swiss come to terms with his feelings? Rated M for Violence and Sexual tendencies Austria/Swiss Straight out of Deviantart! He gets worried and goes in to find Germany terribly sick.