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31-Dec-2017 22:51

Rather predictably, the better looking guy got better results. Their conclusion was that online dating didn’t work unless they were good looking or tall or white or whatever factor they deemed important. Here’s the thing, though — from a critical thinking perspective, they haven’t really proven ANYTHING by that experiment except that attractive guys are more attractive than less attractive guys.

Of COURSE everything else being equal, a more attractive guy will do better than a less attractive guy in a superficial environment where the picture is the only thing you see of the other person. But that certainly does NOT prove that online dating doesn’t work.

The participants in this panel are very candid, honest, and open and shared some very personal, heartfelt and emotional experiences including digital dating, having a ‘type’, double standards between genders, and stereotypes. Thank you to this episode’s participants, Ben, Brielle, Jimaneka, and Daniel for sharing your personal stories with us and being a part of this series of interviews.

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”, this sexy contradiction is exactly what fuels an erotic charge of excitement in any men.While she ultimately picked herself last season, in the first episode of season two she finally makes a decision between the two men in her life.